We all acknowledge that partnerships work best – both professional and personal – when mutual respect, loyalty, and honesty are shared character traits. Tim Philpot and Monte Lang have worked side-by-side for nearly two decades, sharing a common work-ethic as well as a single-minded focus on creating success with uncompromising integrity, which has been the guiding principle of everything we do at LP Operating.

Let us assure you, no legitimate player in the oil and gas industry can claim to have the next “sure thing.” Fortunately, that is not necessary to develop a track record of success in this industry. Rather than chasing “home run” opportunities, LP Operating prefers a base hit mentality that focuses on lower risk and higher probability of a successful well. The team at LP Operating does not fear market volatility; in fact, we expect and carefully plan for the inevitable fluctuations in oil and gas prices. Our goal, therefore, is to acquire and manage oil and natural gas reserves at reduced costs.

We hope you will take a moment to learn more about LP Operating, our unique strategic approach, and business philosophy by exploring our website. Please contact us directly by email or phone for additional information.