Welcome to LP Operating, LLC

We’re Modern Day drillers with Old School values…

We don’t have to be in a high rise building in the middle of a big city to be successful. Our home office was built in 1964, when hard work, loyalty and honesty was the foundation for all successful partnerships. At LP Operating LLC, honesty and loyalty is as important as the hard work we put into utilizing our industry’s current technology and standards.  The end result is a trusting partnership with all parties focused on the same goal of successfully producing oil and natural gas.

While others have felt the stress associated with the volatility of oil and natural gas prices, LP Operating LLC recognizes an evolving opportunity to acquire and manage oil and natural gas reserves at reduced costs.

We expect and anticipate fluctuations in commodity prices. LP Operating, LLC focuses its efforts on cost effective operations in prospect areas with consistent success across large acreage positions. We reduce product (oil and natural gas) acquisition costs and show acceptable profit margins when commodity prices move downward and greater profits when prices rise. This business model provides higher returns on exploration dollars.

LP Operating, LLC has positioned itself for success regardless of economic trends.

What is our secret?

The answer is simple. Well drilling costs have fallen dramatically and exploration science is much more efficient. In today’s soft energy prices we see stronger future market demand in world markets. We see an opportunity today, and are aggressively moving forward with our drilling and acquisition programs to take full advantage of these reduced operating costs. Call LP Operating, LLC to see how you can take advantage of energy sector exploration and acquisition opportunities, all while experiencing our “old school” values of loyalty, honesty, and good, old-fashioned hard work.