The Experts

Experience Provides Opportunity

Principals Tim Philpot and Monte Lang met early in their careers and have worked side by side developing more than 250 drilling projects over 14 year period. They have been involved in the acquisition and utilization of more than 3,000.00 square miles of 3-D data plus a number of oil and natural gas pipeline projects in 13 States.

LP Operating is a licensed operator registered with the Texas Railroad Commission with a combined 3 plus decades experience developing oil and natural gas reserves. Previous experience and success is the guiding force behind developing projects with very specific characteristics:

  • Low risk, infill drilling opportunities
  • Large acreage positions with multiple drilling sites increase economic returns
  • Multiple pay zones to minimize risk
  • Targeted Geographic regions that allow for better cost controls and more efficient operations.

We Provide:

Drilling Reports

  • Daily summaries
  • Cost details
  • Drilling budget totals
  • End of well reporting

Production Reports

  • Flow testing results
  • Production volume, rates and pressures
  • Sales runs and oil haul reports
  • Well service and maintenance details

Revenue Distribution and Data

  • Revenue distributed monthly
  • ACH direct deposit of revenues available
  • Online revenue statements
  • Drilling and completion logs
  • New project announcements

Plus lots moreā€¦

  • Project discussion groups
  • Direct communication with LP Operating principals